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The Apartment


The Story:

Welcome to the corner of Brickstreet with Studgate. Many know this area for the coffee that Frank prepares in his cafeteria

A few meters Brenda listens to Allan and recommends how to rebuild his  things brick by brick.

Allan is a good guy and feels a certain friendship for Irene.

Irene is a very emotional and vital woman. His son's name is Patrick and he loves to build cities with bricks. Patrick dreams from the window of his room that one day he will be a great architect.

As he grows and learns with his pieces Patrick goes down to see Frank because he always prepares the best chocolate milkshakes.

The characters:

Frank: Waiter in the coffee shop

Brenda: Therapist

Allan: Patient

Irene: Patrick´s mom

Patrick: Kid

The Building:

The apartment is the title of the building although in its entirety it is a French style building.

The building consists of 4 floors:

-Lower floor:

In it we find Frank's coffee, Brenda's office and access to a large hall with a micro scale model of a city, in the hall a staircase to the first floor

-First Floor:

With kitchen, furnished bedroom, a balcony and the access staircase to floor 2

 -Second  floor:
 With a large bathroom with all the needs, from this floor the house's temperature levels are also controlled, the stairs take us to:

This is where Patrick's dreams fly, here he reads his comics near the fireplace or thinks about how to build his models among other things.

With this model I wanted to thank the two years of great support generated by those who have trusted in the projects. Thank you very much.

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