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Captain Future's Comet - Capitaine Flam - Capitan Futuro


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Captain Future's Spaceship Comet

Captain Future aka Curtis Newton is the Wizzard of Science. His adventures take place in the near future, when he starts with his spaceship Comet together with the robot Crag and the shape-shifting android Otho from their moon base to protect the solar systems from enemies like the Space emperor, Victor Corvo and other nasty villians.

Captain Future was created by Edmond Hamilton in the 1940s and became very popular as an anime TV-series in the 1980s in Japan and all over Europe, where he is also known as Capitaine Flam or Capitan Futuro.

The Story

Like many others I followed his adventures week by week, reenacted the episodes with friends and built the iconic spaceship Comet from Lego. Captain Future definetly is a hero of my childhood, one of the few that have not faded but accompanied me until today, when I finally took some bricks again to build my version of his great spaceship.

The Model

  • The Comet is 78cm long, the front sphere is 14cm in diameter and the circular pitch of the wing wheel is 60cm. The wing wheel can be rotated.
  • App. 2700 bricks where used for the whole display.
  • 4 Minifigures are included, Captain Future, Crag, Otho and Joan Landor (thanks to @mikeryffranck)
  • There is also a brick built Prof. Simon Wright who is a human brain living.
  • And the Cosmoliner, with which the crew flew to the planets surfaces while the Comet stayed in Orbit, is also included.

If you had any nostalgic feelings watching the photos, or if you just like the look of the Comet, please vote and tell everyone you know about this project.

Let's bring Captain Future back...


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