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Brickston Station


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“The next station is Brickston. Alight for fun!”

Brickston Station is the only LEGO station on the London Underground, borrowing its name from the destination of the Routemaster from set 10258 and is inspired by different Underground stations across London. Its entrance is inspired by Piccadilly Circus, the flooring is inspired by Arsenal Station in North London, near where I used to live and the train itself is inspired by the Piccadilly, Northern and Central lines - the three lines I would typically take on my commute. Included in this set is an escalator leading down to the platform with advertising alongside it, a ticket barrier with contactless for Oyster Cards, a newsstand with snacks, a map of the Underground, a roundel with the name of the station, a sign directing passengers to the platform, and a train complete with driver in their standard-issue uniform. 

I had previously built an Underground set but at a scale not fit for a standing minifigure, so I decided the next version should have a bit more playability to it. Minifigures can ride down the escalator, pick up a magazine and a pastry, see where they interchange on the map, and hop on the train before the doors close. I really enjoy simple, scaled-down sets and thought an Underground station would be perfect for it.

I think this set would look great in the home or office of any London Underground fan or commuter who is looking to bridge (and mind) the gap between their lives and the lives of their minifigures.

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