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(Board Game) Mayan Mayhem Rainbow Race

Deep in the jungle primeval, Mayan warriors compete to reach the end of the rainbow path!

A build-it-yourself board game, Mayan Mayhem Rainbow Race is a fun little distraction that uses colour as a gameplay element.

  • All players start their warriors at the grey square and roll the die to move ahead.
  • Land on a space matching your warrior's colour to earn a second roll.
  • Land on a space occupied by an opponent's warrior to send it back to the last unoccupied space.

  • For an added challenge, have each player use multiple warriors.
  • Each turn, roll once per warrior you control, moving any one allied warrior of your choosing after each roll.
  • Land on a space occupied by an allied warrior to send it forward to the next unoccupied space.

  • The first player to get all of their warriors to the end wins!

I've been trying to break into the gaming industry ever since I got my degree in game design, and what better medium to use or franchise to join could a person ask for? I created this build in particular because I wanted to make something with rainbow colours as an integral aspect. Lego is the stuff of dreams, and no dream would be complete without beautiful colours!

I believe this idea would make a good set because the game constructed provides plenty of replay value additional to the inherent fun of building with Lego. It's also mostly comprised of good general-use parts, offering excellent potential for use in other builds.

Here's hoping you agree! :)

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