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Narrow Boat or Wide Boat?


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Living on a boat?
I spent a few days in a boat house in India. Spending my daily life on a boat floating in the lake has become a long memory. I think it is another charm of life, such as the narrow boat in England, which I saw while reading a book, and living on a boat floating on the canal.
Narrowboats and wide boats were well-equipped houses for families to live in. It is not a life tied to one place, but a wandering life, a nomadic people in the canal. In a way, it can be a very uncomfortable life, but when I saw you enjoy living, I thought I should make it with brick.
Narrow boats moving around the canal, nearby teahouses, and couples and lovers came to mind.
The wife who runs a small teahouse on one side of the canal greets her husband. I'm planning to close my family door soon and go on a canal trip with my husband. I see couples out for a walk in a small tea house.
It's a set of narrow boats and small teahouses floating largely on the canal. The boat is equipped with a driver's seat, a dining room, a living room, a bedroom, and a toilet, and pretty flowers are grown on the roof. The teahouse has a red sofa, refrigerator, kitchenware, and count. There are two pretty bicycles in the backyard of the tea house.
It was good to see the abundant forests around it and the use of the canal, a product of the past. We must learn to protect the environment while inheriting and protecting the legacy of the past. I wanted to introduce one of the various aspects of life, so I made it Brick. If I make a few more boats here, I think a diorama will be possible.
About 2996 bricks, 6 people, 2 dogs

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