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Fossil Excavation Project


It’s excavation time!

Just grab your chisel and your geological hammer and the adventure begins.


Instead of just a display model, this set is both a display and play model.

The model consists of five parts (four small excavation scenes, one desk for close examination and one tool stand).

The advantage of building many small scenes is that everyone can play with their favourite fossil excavation scene.


To make it the most appealing I have chosen three completely different animals for the fossil scenes, these are

One medium sized pterodactyl

One terror bird (a large carnivorous bird that hunted everything smaller than itself around 59 million to two million years ago)

Two tiny fish

One basic turtle


I personally think that this would be a good educational set because of its various possible applications, for example as a show model, as a play model, as a model integrated into another set, or as a model to pick and choose from.


I hope you like and support it!

Thank you for your attention. 


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