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Bugatti Classic Car


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You don't see a lot of classic cars made with Technic, so that is why I made this 1933 Bugatti T 50.

The main purpose of this project was to see if it was possible to shape the car by using mainly standard Technic parts. Also the features should look like the real model, for example the suspension, steering system, or interior. Further more the car should be playable, so I made it remote controlled. The size of the model is L x W x H: 58 x 20 x 18 cm and this is scale 1 to 10.

The features are:

  • 4 speed gearbox, manual operation.
  • Leaf spring suspension: I used four flexible axles for the front wheels and four normal axles for the rear wheels.
  • Working head lights.
  • Opening bonnet: Top and side panels can hinge separately. 
  • Opening cabin doors.
  • Full interior with two seats and a couch, instrument panel, steering wheel and pedals.
  • Steering wheel rotates with remote steering. Steering by means of a helical gear and M-motor.
  • Opening trunk. In the trunk the battery and IR sensor are located.
  • Traction by means of XL motor, the 4-speed gearbox and a differential in the rear axle.

Well, I hope you will enjoy the pictures and thank you for your support!


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