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Aircraft Engine Workshop. Mini Fig. Scale & Working


8000 supports: Reveil of the turntable

Thank you for 8000 supports already!

Some people asked me about the turntable that I used in my previous videos.
Here is a video on how it works:
A video with a learning curve on how to motorize a big turntable.


7000 supports video: A visit to the KLM test facility

Thank you all for 7000 supports!

I had an amazing day at KLM engines.
We did a photoshoot of the LEGO engine next to a Boeing 747 engine, got a tour though the mainenance and overhaul facility and I gave a presentation to the staff. We all had a great time.
You can find it here:
Have fun!


Photos and report of my visit to the KLM Engine Services' test cell

Last week I was invited by KLM Engines Services to do a photoshoot of the LEGO Turbo Fan Engine.
It was a turbo fan-tastic day.
This was the “biggest” engine KLM ever had for testing. Comparable with the GE9X which propels the Boeing 777,787 and the Airbus A380.
I really have to thank KLM for their enthusiasm and help on sharing the project. And having the opportunity to photograph the LEGO engine next to his big brother. It really shows the similarity.
They even hung up a real Boeing 747 engine for this occasion. Not only the engine was tested. I was tested by the mechanics on my knowledge of aircraft engines. Which was fun and I passed the test😊.

We also got a very informative tour through the maintenance and overhaul facility. Very impressive and informative. Our guide had a real good feel about my background knowledge and knew exactly what to tell and not to tell.

I also gave a presentation about my former work as a 3D graphics designer of airports, LEGO ideas and of course the LEGO Aircraft Engine Project. I told them I was wowed by the size and specs of the real engines. The mechanics and engineers were amazed by the scale, detail and functionality of the LEGO engine. After the show, they came up with teaching and marketing opportunities. KLM believes in the project! I also did a disassembly and (re)assembly of the LEGO engine like they do themselves with the real ones.
One of the coolest days of my life. It was great to see the believe and enthusiasm of the KLM staff.

By Stephan Niks
Photography by Erik Rijper


The engine next to a real Boeing 747 engine

Today I was invited by KLM to do a photoshoot of the LEGO Aircraft Engine , in their engine test facility. It was a turbo fantastic day. Thums up for KLM. The profesional photos and video will come soon.


6000 supports

Hi Brick engineers,

6000 supports in less than 2 months! a Big thanks you to all voters and people that share the project.
I always make a video at each 1000 supports. But I am a bit late. Why? Work on may other project Anatomini on the Bricklink Designer Program and this video. This video will be special because it was a coorporation with the LEGO shop Playtoday in Gouda and it is profesional! So a few more days of patience. It will be here in less than a week time.


Some friday afternoon fun: Stevie turns to the Dark Side

The last update of the main fan is made possible by 12 of Kylo Ren's lightsabers:-)


4000 supports in 3 weeks. HAPPY!

In this video I give you an insight in the design of the turbo fan it self.


3000 supports in 15 days WOW

a BIG thank you to all you brick engineers and turbo fans
In this video I show you an insight into the design of the front fan.
Handy if you want to design your own fan, wind mill, or whatever.

Have fun at Ideas

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