Product Idea |

3 Stars Hotel


The idea of making this model came to my mind when I was thinking on the hotel where I had stayed in my holidays. Some parts of the hotel are based in real ones (like the piano or the living room in the first floor).

This building is a hotel with two rooms in the second floor, a living room (common for each room) and the reception point. It also has a roof terrace and a garden next to the building.

It is built with over 600 bricks.

-Second floor: One room has a desk, a chair and a painting (it has a small terrace with flowers, too). The other room has a samll kitchen, an armchar and a painting. In addition, there's a corridor where you can see the doors to go into the rooms. Each door has a mailbox in front of it.

-First floor: There's a piano, a sofa (perfect when you need to relax) and the reception point (with a cash desk)

-Roof terrace: There are manly two deckchairs and a small round table.

I think this would be a good toy because it has many ways to acces the indoors to play with it: in the first floor you can take out one wall and in the second one there are no back walls. In addition there are stairs to go to other floors.