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Old Freight Steamer


Let me invite you to the old days of steam, when monsters of wrought iron and hammered steel plates split the seas and for the first time connected the world, freighting hemp from Manilla, spices from Zanzibar, rum from Jamaica and stories of distant shores everywhere.

This large model will invite you to build in several techniques, imitating riveted plates over black steel ribs shaping the model from the keel up. Turn the propeller and see the huge pistons move in the engine room, use the mast crane to unload your goods, drop anchor in a friendly port. The superstructure includes a saloon and the bridge. It is built to fit microfigures, of which a number of sailors are included.

The dimensions are: 932 bricks, about 16 studs wide, 52 studs long with the flag, 20 bricks high from the keel to the masttop.

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