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Cessna 172S

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is the most successful aircraft in history. The first variant of the plane was introduced in 1955, and it is commonly used for flight instruction and as a personal aircraft. The 172S is one of the latest models. After watching an airplane show, I was inspired to build this model. This is the first LEGO plane I've ever built.
The plane features movable flaps, elevators, and rudder, and of course the propeller can move as well. I included starboard and port lights, as well as tail lights. It also features a detailed interior with instruments, pedals (hard to see in the image, but they are there!), a control yoke, and seats. Because there are not too many wedge tile pieces, I chose to use wedge plates on the angled surfaces while tiling off the flatter surfaces. I was also unable to smooth out the area nearest the angled flaps and elevators for similar reasons.
The project also contains two minifigures: a pilot and a child passenger. I intended them to be father and son, with the father being a pilot who is taking his son on a plane trip.
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