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Boeing 737 - NG


Brand new windows, tail sections compeltely reworked + functioning LED lights

Redesigning the airplane again, I have reached a great realistic look. Tail section is totally different, passenger windows are smaller and the position lights on the wingtips are working! I used original LEGO Power Functions for that. I hope you like it.


Nose section + tail

Both parts have been reworked, now they look much more accurate. Photos included!


Anti-collision beacon

Anti-collision beacon is functional thanks to a light brick which has been built in. It can be triggered using the button on the bottom of the fuselage. Looks great in the night! The lights on the wingstips have been redesignes to achieve the proper 737 look . The flaps are now prolonged and more accurate.


Landing position + night scene

  • There you can see the flaps full during the landing maneuver.
  • You may notice some minor changes I made on the tail section.
  • I also took a photo in the dark in order to show how the LEGO lightbricks could actually illuminate the aircraft as a whole.  I used two of them to create this effect. The lightbricks "mode" would be optional, anyway.


Cockpit interior and and other equipment.

  • I would like to show some new pics of my project, icluding a detailed cockpit and more photos of the plane itself. The pics include a pushback tug.
  • Possibly, itI could be sold separately, if it became a commercial LEGO product. It is fully compatible with my 737 and I am pretty sure it would work with any official Lego planes as well.