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The Atomium

Allow me to present you my new creation, the Atomium !

I tried to honor the famous monument of the Universal Exhibition of the year 1958 by creating this atomic structure in LEGO form the task was not the least because to create a sphere with appendages that goes in all directions, I had to do a multiple number of tests. My last photo shows you the model I created to solve this problem. I did not add the pillars because modeling them I only managed to recreate a rather ugly structure. And then I realized that the pillars are absolutely not part of the work imagined by André Waterkeyn, namely this atomic metal structure. My creation has no color because it is a metallic structure and I hope these tones will not bother you too much. I find that my creation respects the monument of Brussels well even if the base can seem incoherent.
What I prefer about this LEGO is that it perfectly combines Technics and Architecture themes, indeed the Atomium is made up of technical elements representing an architectural work. I think that if my idea works it will open a door to future architectural creation, namely other monuments made with Lego Technics.

I really hope that this concept will please you and that it will win a large number of supporters.
Thank you 💛

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