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This is my version of the title character from the Disney/Pixar movie “WALL•E”. It is comprised mostly of regular LEGO bricks, complemented with Technic elements.

The model stands approximately 12.5 cm tall, and is made up of 309 pieces in total.

WALL•E's legs were created using primarily Technic elements. The biggest challenge I had was making the rear caterpillar track support wheel larger than the front one, but still allowing the rest of the model to be upright. My eureka moment came when I connected the legs to the body with ball joints. This solved the problem and inadvertently enhanced to the model's poseability.

WALL•E's head took some time to achieve a reasonable likeness. To be honest I think the eyebrows would probably look a bit better without the 2x3 plate underneath. I secretly wished LEGO would make 2x3 tiles (to my knowledge they currently do not), which would allow me to omit the 2x3 plates.

For WALL•E's body, I tried to incorporate as much detail as I could given the model's small size (the body is 6 studs wide), namely the slots where the arms would slide forward, the diagonal slits on each side, and, or course, a “stomach” that opens to compact trash. The arms and the head are both also connected to the body via ball joints, allowing for a nice range of poses.

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Thank you for viewing! Your support and constructive feedback of this model is greatly appreciated!

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