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Lego Camper

This is a Lego camper. The first part can carry up to three Legoers. It act as a crew cab for daily commute during workdays. A hammer and a wrench is placed on the side can be use during any emergency, such as broke down.

The trailer (second part) will  be being tow to the campsite during weekend or holiday. It provide facilities for two Legoers to enjoy their camping vacation. At the front of the trailer, there are four propane gas and a umbrella handle is hang up (which is a Lego antenna). The top part of the umbrella is being place on the roof during transportation.

Inside the trailer. A clock is hanging up at the front ceiling. A barbecue stove is placed at the lower front. A CRT type television is stored on top of the stove. Dining table with drink and cups is placed at the bottom rear of the trailer. Two chairs is placed between the TV and the  dining table.
At night time, both tractor and trailer act as the sleeper berth for both Legoers to sleep.

I believe this is a great Lego set because it is easy to build. Many people can duplicate it without any  instruction. A small trailer provides adequate space to put stuff perfectly without any rocking when the camper is in motion. The tractor can be use in both work days and holiday in order to maximize the use of the vehicle.

Please note all blocks being used were came from the pre 1990 set. That's why many items are pretty classic. Such as the TV.

Please support this Lego set in order to let everyone sees it at anytime.

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