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Mt Washington Cog Railway


Please Help Spread the Word

Hey Everyone;

Thank you for your support. I would like to ask for your help in spreading the word. If you can please post the link for this project on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ asking your friends to support and share the link, it would help in moving this project toward 10,000. 

At this point, we need a lot of supporters each day before the project will need to be resubmitted. Please ask your friends for help. Whether they are from New Hampshire, enjoy trains, or have ridden one of the many trains that this Cog Railway has made possible in the world, help spread the word. 

Thank you. 


New Images!

Uploading some new images for everyone to enjoy! Was able to render out the pictures for a more realistic view.

Peppersass Engine on the pedestal.

Steam Engine with Passenger car.

From another angle.



1000 Supporters!

Hey everyone! We reached 1000 Supporters!

Thank you for your help so far, but we have a long way to go. To get the other 9,000, I need your help. Please help in communicating it out to your friends, coworkers, family, neighbors, and pets (though I don't know if they can support). We need 35 new supporters per day if we hope to reach the goal.

If you have viewed the set and haven't supported, leave a comment as to what I can add or change that could interest you in the set. I am open to feedback.

Thank you everyone!



Staff Pick!

Hey Everyone! We made the staff pick today!

Congrats everyone for your support and getting the word out. Hopefully this can help us get the momentum to keep moving forward.

Then, with luck, we'll get another train to enjoy! One with great history.


Thank you for getting the word out!

Another thank you going out to more people kind enough to create stories and articles:

Cat Viglienzoni of WCAX News Channel 3 in Vermont put together a nice piece for the station. You can view the story here:

The Union Leader, a newspaper in New Hampshire, put together an article a short while ago which helped in getting the support up to 700.

Thank you both for the effort you have put into getting the word out about this iconic railway. And there are many others who have been sharing this out with social media, so thanks to all of you!


Closing on 400!

I wanted to take a minute to thank some of the sites in helping to get the word out about the project:

Mt Washington Cog Railway for their nice post on their Facebook page  -

and a mentioning on the official Cog railway page  -

WMUR TV for mentioning the project on the news site  -!bQiqqm

93.5 WMWV posting an article on their news site  -


Also, in the picture below, you can see what the track would look like with the notched 1x4 pieces, allowing the cogs to grip onto the track.

I have not added these to "Old Peppersass" because they currently do not fit in the design. I will keep investigating changes that may allow them to be added.



Stickers for the Moosilauke Steam Engine

Here is the Moosilauke Cog Steam Engine with some stickers portrayed on it.

  1. Side view of the Moosilauke name
  2. Back view of the coal car's number and Mt. Washington Cog RY. Text
  3. Close view of the passenger car details.
    1. Unfortunately, Mt. Washington could not be added to the passenger car due to the piece design. Stickers would have been very difficult to line up for a builder.
    2. I left the car number off (5) because of where it would have been positioned.

Thank you everyone for your support! I have been overwhelmed with the positive outflow from this project. Being a very memorable train from many people's lives, it is good to see that others are fond of the design. The more we share this out, the better the chances we can get a new train.

Also, thank you WMUR news and the Mt. Washington Cog Railway for your support!