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Doctor Who 2013 TARDIS Interior

The most recent TARDIS interior from Doctor Who. The model features multiple levels, including the signature balcony of this particular design, stairways leading down under the console too, the console itself of course, although not detailed with buttons etc on here because it's on LDD.
The model in real life would be a bit fragile, so is aimed more at the serious model maker, and is not intended for hard play use.
I did consider building the roof as well, but thought better of it due to the (1. The cost and 2. the difficulty of building it on LDD.)
Two minifigs, the Doctor and Clara included in the model.

A view from the top of the model

Taken before the model was completed. A low view from beneath the console.

The predominant feature of the 2013 TARDIS is the balcony which runs around the whole console room.

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