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I-Dog Pup

Since Hasbro owned I-Dog Pups, i made this set because i want to promote the I-Dog series.

This is I-Dog Pup, the little brother of I-Dog. it is an electronic puppy. no MP3 player is required for it. its ears were not movable. its head was movable. its tail button doesn't work. there are 8 colors of I-Dog Pup; blue (dance), pink (pop), grey (hip hop), black (rock), orange (hip hop), green (rock), pink with flowers (rock), and green with swirls (pop). they were created in 2005. it can play music. you can collect all I-Dog Pups. they are not featured in commercials. and chill set clothes are not compatible with them. they are small versions of original I-Dogs. this blue one can play dance music. it is the only I-Dog Pup that plays dance music.

It is an action figure. it's head is rotatable. its legs are movable. it's ears are not moveable. this set is not an electronic toy. you can play with it. no batteries are needed for this set. Some kids can play with it. It is blue.

I built this set for promoting the I-Dog franchise.

It would be a great set for kids to enjoy and promoting the I-Dog series.

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