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TV Station


TV Station 

This set is of full modular design with plenty of accessibility and loads of detail. The 3 story building includes features such as;

  • TV News Desk
  • Weather Green Screen
  • TV Camera
  • Teleprompt
  • Lighting
  • 'On Air' light
  • Feedback Screens

The Station has a Foyer, Reception Desk, Studio Room, Office and even a Kitchenette and Toilet. The TV antennas and aerials on the roof are accessible and the cables running 'through' the roof line up with the electrical equipment on the office level.

There is a focus on making the set with high 'playability' with open access to the rear, modular level sections which can be removed for full top access and studio swings out for an extra bit of fun.

Additional details include; 

  • Split System Air Conditioning systems
  • Plumbed Toilet
  • Roof Gutters and Downpipes
  • Foyer Seating and Decorations
  • Multiple Cupboards and Shelving
  • A Kitchenette complete with a Coffee Machine
  • Office Desk Computers
  • Light Blocks  on the black square featured on the facade, reception desk and news desk
  • Full tiled floors
  • Many more...

This would be a fun and entertaining set which took many hours to design but was well worth it.

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