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EV3 Game Man


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I created a video game device of a cute creature which really works like a real one.

You can easily play games using this EasyCon

It is consisted of the official LEGO parts only; EV3 mindstorm parts and LEGO system bricks.

And also, This video game was coded by the official EV3 mindstorm software.

 So you can download this game and play the exactly same way of EV3.

There are other small interesting games besides this block puzzle game.

Simple Galaga Style Game,  Catch A Bomb

Strategy Puzzle Game, Angry Cannon

I'm making more games whenever I have time.

Thank you for reading,

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* Appendix : The EV3 Parts used in this set.

- Intelligent brick 1EA

- M Motor 1EA

- Button sensor 1EA 

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