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O.Val Jewellery Store

To my fellow Lego enthusiasts, I present 'O.Val Jeweller's', a place where the residents of your Lego city can purchase goods both lustrous and opalescent. The concept of a Jeweller's shop has been brewing since 2020, and I have at last brought this to life in the form of Lego bricks, one of my favourite art mediums.

The store itself is a grand, elegant building with goods inside to match. A curved glass window invites customers in, something which was inspired by studying real-life jewellery stores. This curved section of the building continues up the building, creating visual interest in its asymmetry, an aspect which I really haven't attempted before, and I'm quite proud of the result. This segment is topped by a quarter-dome in gold, as a sort of 'crown' to the establishment below.

The façade itself celebrates Lego's colour palette, with dark green accents giving a classy appeal to the front, reinforced by neutral earth tones of grey and dark tan beneath. One aspect which I am most proud of is the ivy, growing up the building like a vein of gold, standing out on the green brickwork. The warm, autumnal tones of the foliage and its dynamic form contrast beautifully with the darker storefront and its angular features. Alongside the storefront are an array of signs, advertisements for other stores and even a satellite dish.

Inside the store is an array of modern jewellery cabinet displays, a mannequin in the window, necklaces, and a grand front desk for transactions of strictly 100-dollar bills (or chrome gold coins). Above are security cameras and a switchboard which can be accessed easily. A stylish tiled floor modernises the interior, and the white walls serve to draw the eye around the many displays of precious material. This is really a celebration of Lego's rock pieces, which have to be some of my personal favourite elements.

The storefront bears the name 'O.Val', the name of its owner, who lives on the second floor apartment, which is very- stylised. Some AFOLs may recognise the influence of this interior. It is here where you will find sleeping quarters, a detailed kitchen, and an angled desk for tinkering and creating wares for the business below.

The back of the building is detailed too, with various dumpsters, stock and bins lining the alleyway behind the store. A sand red awning adorns the back door looking over a small culture of fungi.

The roof line is decorated ornately with elaborate baroque-inspired architecture, and atop such a roof is- a donut thief? How peculiar. To finish off the building there lies a grand chimney with plumes of smoke curling outwards.

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