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Exploration Base

Like the Exploration HQ, this model is primarily another proposal for my Masters LEGO project. But again, like the Exploration HQ, it's LEGO, so why not upload it to Ideas and see what everyone else thinks of it?

Out of all my designs so far, this one has by far the most playability and features. It was designed to be a playable set, with loads of functions and separate vehicles, buildings and accessories allowing for a diverse and fun play experience. Its many features include:

- a base, quadbike, 6 wheeled truck and mining drone

- transform the mining drone from transport to work mode

- use the crane on the truck to pick up and load up boulders and crystals for analysis

- truck has working suspension

- truck features tipping function on pickup platform

- trucks broken down? Don't fret: just access the tools stashed away beneath the crane arm

- large rock formation can be smashed apart by mining drone

- base contains 5 main sections: entrance, workshop, lab, watch tower and satellite tower

- entrance includes a miniature coffee machine/water dispenser

- workshop includes to worktops, a cabinet collection of 4 boxes for extra storage, 2 mini crates that can slip under the work bench, a rack of tools and a pillar drill

- lower, raise and move heavy objects from the truck with the sliding crane arm along the top rail of the base

- lab contains 3 computers and 2 large LED TV's 

- keep a look out in the watch tower

This set contains a grand total of 850 bricks, allowing for a fun build experience, as well as plenty of fun after the build

Hope you like the set, and as always, thanks in advance for any feedback and support



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