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BrickHeadz Korean Traditional Hanbok

BrickHeadz Korean Traditional Hanbok

This is BrickHeadz men wearing Korean Traditional Hanbok. I made four different colors of Hanbok(Korean traditional clothing) called Cheolrik(or Cholrik). Colors include red, blue(dark blue), white and black. These four colors are also colors of the Korean flag called Taegeukgi(or Taegukgi). And four BrickHeadz men are also wearing a black traditional hat called Gat(or Kat).
This custom was worn by Yangban people in Joseon dynasty(or Choson dynasty). Yangban means noble people. These Yangban people are people who study and work for government. So I made them holding the brush(which was functioned as pen in pre-modern days in East Asia) representing study and civil servant.
Width x Length x Height
6.4 x 6.4 x 11.8(cm)
125 pieces for each
500 pieces in total
I think that Korean related sets has not been released a lot in Lego. Especially Korean traditional culture related. As a Korean, I felt so sad about this. So I wanted to make a set that is related to Korean traditional cultures. And this is the very first one for that try. I want to show this beautiful Korean traditional clothing to people around the world.
And also I think that BrickHeadz series is the best way to express the traditional clothing because it is a set that usually expresses Human body(not all the time but for the most part). So I chose this series style to make Korean traditional clothing.

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