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Houdini Water Tank Escape


This project was created with Lego Digital Designer (LDD) and has a measurement of 24 studs wide, 16 studs deep and 22 bricks high. This set consists of 108 bricks, which could help keep the price down, without taking away from the aesthetics of the set. 

This is a semi SNOT (Studs Not On Top) model giving the stage area that smooth realistic stage like look. The model is not too difficult to make and so would be suitable for all Magic and Lego enthusiasts alike, after all, who grows out of Lego?


Harry Houdini was arguably one of the best magicians to have ever lived, so far.

So this is my homage to celebrate this magical genius.

One of Houdini's more famous, most well known tricks was the water tank escape. Houdini would be put in handcuffs and dangled by his legs over a tank full of water. He was then lowered and completely submerged, with the aim of escaping.

He would have a fireman with an axe on standby just in case anything were to go wrong, not that it ever did, the fireman was more for show, but hey, who ever said magicians weren't show offs?


This set has two figures, Harry Houdini (of course), and a fireman to add some 'show' to the So now we can all be part of that wonderful time, and create our own theatrical scene of mystique and magic.


As you can see from the other photos, Houdini can be removed from the tank and the chains can be turned to lift the lid and Houdini from the tank or lower him into it. And you can see through all sides of the tank so you know there's nothing untoward going on, no trap doors and mirrors, ready for you to gather your audience and perform your own magic show.

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