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Hipster Plant Cafe


Presenting the Hipster Plant Cafe. A cool new place for your minifigs to get their caffeine fix!

I was inspired to build this set as I am a barista and would never be able to afford my own coffee shop, so I decided to build my dream one with Lego that is compatibile with the Lego Modular House series.

It is a single level, open plan coffee shop with a cobble stone street frontage and a staircase on the outside of the building leading to a rooftop terrace. It has a seating area for your minifigs to kick back, read a newspaper and relax in the sunshine with a brew. The terrace also has it's own accessible glasshouse that features a retractable roof with decorative flower chests and bamboo tree.  

The front of this red-brick coffee shop has clear curved windows to give a glimpe of what is inside without having to take the roof off but it is the lift-off technology that allows you to really appreciate the impressive detail of the interior and what makes this such a neat build and so playable.

Inside there is a counter area, illuminated with coloured fairy lights, coffee machine, coffee grinder, sink, bread and cake fridge. There is a cosy corner with a fireplace, record player, chair and guitar. There is another seating area in front of the windows. The flooring is a mix of vintage-inspired tiles and floorboards.

No hipster coffee shop is complete without hipsters and you get five: a florist, two bearded dudes, a jogger and then me, the barista. 

Thanks for looking! 

Main features:

Coffee machine

Coffee grinder





Record player




Fruit basket

5 Mini-figs


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