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University of Brickester

The University of Brickester is a is a pioneering institution. In our very compact campus, located in the heart of Brickester City, we pursue excellence in knowledge and learning to transform our Lego City community, preparing our students to thrive in their future lives.

About the project

This project is inspired by some colleges of British universities but it is not a replica of any in particular. As member of a family of University teachers the idea of a Lego set focused in an educational center crossed my mind since I started to build MOCs with my spare parts, many years ago. I have always been very interested in the way in which many of the historical buildings of these universities are expanded using a modern architectural style. This mix of styles creates a new outfit that I find very attractive.

Technical information

• This set consists of approximately 2,920 pieces and includes 8 minifigures.
• It’s been built with all existing elements in the LEGO palette.
• The lights you can see in some images were included just for decoration.
• Some printed parts / stickers are suggested.

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