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Hashirama V's Madara

Naruto is an anime with epic moments and struggles what many of us have enjoyed. One fight more I like is this Madara v's Hashirama, so that I decided to build it in Lego.
In this we can find Kurama, the nine tailed fox fighting with Madara against Hashirama, who is standing on his 1000 handed jutsu
The construction is made up for 580 pieces approximately, and it has 2 minifigures made with custom pieces to be similar to the characters, you can see their faces in the last photos , both have 2 faces, one where they are normal and another where Hashirama has the sage mode and Madara the Mangekyou sharingan
This could be great for a collector who saw the anime
I hope you can help me ! :)

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