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DIY QR-code

I wanted to make an QR-code to put in my shop-window. LEGO would be my material of choice. To get the right parts to build it was a bit hard. It would be really easy to make a special LEGO set to do this. I made a very small QR-code that turned out a little big because I used 2x2 tiles in my final design. I would suggest to use 1x1 tiles in the final design. The idea is white plate that is 28 x 28 and 500 black 1x1 tiles. There also must be a link to a site (or app) where you can design your QR-code.

My first try with 2x2 bricks. (I didn't have enough of them)

My final LEGO-QR-code. In the colors of my shop I used yellow tiles on a black (painted) big plate. I bought the 2x2 yellow tiles at the LEGO-store in Nurnberg, Germany.

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