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UFO Robot Grendizer / Goldrake / Goldorak


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Time for a classic anime super robot! You can call it either Grendizer, Goldrake or Goldorak: this Japanese hero surely was a big success back in the 70s and 80s in so many countries. And if you were a kid at the time... you can't forget!
Grendizer is the third super robot of the Mazinger series of Go Nagai, after Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger.
Simply one of the most iconic classic robot, among with Mazinger, Gundam and Voltron, they still have a strong following, really evergreen.

About this creation:
- Grendizer is 420 millimeters tall.
- it has many joints and its articulations are fully poseable.
- it is fully brick to build with regular techniques and stability is joyfully tested.
- it comes with its lethal halberd

So, I dedicate this creation to all the fans of LEGO, robots, mechs and anime. If you are with me, just support this project and... stay tuned!

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