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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Paradise


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Welcome to the LEGO Animal Crossing: New Horizons Idea!
Your bright and colorful paradise that you could build, one LEGO piece at a time!

This idea was inspired by the 2020 life simulation video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.

After hearing so much about the game I started looking at some images and videos and was absolutely in love with the bright colors, calm game pace and simpleness of the game objects and characters, so I figured it could be a cool weekend project to try and recreate a small portion of a game map with elements commonly found in-game.

Those include:

- Base House
- Mailbox
- Log Bench
- Community DIY workbench
- Campfire
- Tree
- Terrain details and more

This build is bigger than minifig scale to allow for the brick built details you see here and hopefully avoid stickers if it ever goes into production. Because of that, minifig sized characters are lacking since the scale is not appropriate. With enough support I could work out some brick built characters, or, downsize the whole thing and include custom minifigs!

As it stands, it should have somewhere between 1200/1500 LEGO elements, but it could, and should, be optimized to fit under the 99$ price tag, making it a relatively small but cute display piece to have at home in your gaming area!

An Animal Crossing LEGO Ideas Set would be the perfect match of the best that both the gaming, and building experiencies offer to people: relaxing for a few hours while peacefully creating something unique to show some friends :)

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