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Adventure Jungle Van

What it is: It is an Adventure Jungle Van.
Why did you build it: I love going on vacations and having an Adventure Jungle Van like this one allows me to live the thrill of an African safari or a Canadian wilderness adventure. 
Why do I believe this would make a great LEGO set: because this Van can stimulates children's imagination and sense of adventure. It has a compact size with a classy black colour scheme.
The roof is assessable via a ladder, whit plenty of storage space for gear. The two roof seats allow for added view of "Lego animals".
The two front doors allow easy access to the spacious interior of the van.
The engine is protected by a strong bumper with four oversize lights. The front windshield can fold down and double chute to allow the passengers to slide in a lake on a worm day.
I am certain that it would appeal to a large number of LEGO users.  

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