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Airbus A320 Aircraft

This aircraft is the fulfilment of my childhood dream. I have spent a long time working on it.
The cabin is in original size, like an Airbus A320. You can hold the plane comfortably. It creates a breath-taking feeling! Especially, when folding out the chassis and letting it settle gently on the runway. Indeed, I constructed it in a way you can also perform harder
landings with it.

The cabin is equipped as authentic as possible. I chose seating arrangement 3-3, installed 2 galleys as well as 8 catering boxes, 2 lavatories and also a cargo compartment.
On the whole, 96 passengers will find a place to sit.

The chassis flaps sidewards and will flare out the whole plane's weight without problems. It is well tared and stands on its own - you won't have to prob it up.

I have installed 4 doors which cannot be opened.

weight: 3kg
length: 89cm
span: 88cm
width of cabin: 11cm
height: 17cm
seats: 92
bricks used: app. 1500

At the moment, I'm working on an A330 and a B747. Constructing these, I
keep the original cabin measures, as well.

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