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Minifigure Display

Do you have a pile of minifigures you would love to show off?
Are you a collector of minifigures?
Has your minifigure collection grown to a display worthy level?
Do you have a collection of minifigures collecting dust in a shoebox?
Have you always wished you had an exciting and eye-catching way to display or minifigure collection?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions then this is for you. Meet your new way of displaying your minifigure collection, on yes you are seeing correct a minifigure.
Display your favorite minifigures for all to see on the newest minifigure display model.

My inspiration for this project came from watching my kids play with LEGO and minifigures. They had so many minifigures in boxes and bags that deserved better. No minifigure should have to collect dust in a box.

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