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Pegasus Pizza & the Fountain of Youth



Sir George is on a quest to save an elderly maid from an evil dragon. He touches the evil dragon’s heart with his magic sword. The curse is broken and the dragon melts in a puff of flame. Like a griffin, a good dragon rises from the ashes and rapidly grows. The Book of Legends later claims that because of such a deed, the town fountain is turned into a fountain of youth from which both the knight and the old Inn keeper drink. A new youthful knight is revived from his wounds and marries the beautiful young maiden saving her from drudgery by becoming an Inn keeper himself. An adapted  fairy tale of dragon lore and St. George.

Pegasus Pizza Inn was inspired by the Elves Starlight Inn (41174); The oven was inspired by City Restaurant (41379); And the Mini Dragon was inspired by a robot dog (70169) 

Dragons, pizza, and a flying horse -- what is not to like. You can even make old people young.

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