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LEGO Mech Builder


Welcome to a LEGO set unlike any other, a set that focuses more on the creativity of the builder, rather than following the instructions: LEGO Mech Builder.

What is LEGO Mech Builder?

Well, LEGO Mech Builder is a set that allows you to build 5 separate mechs, (one at a time) as well as mix and match pieces to make your own unique mech.

What's included with LEGO Mech Builder?

LEGO Mech Builder would include pieces and instructions for the mech frame, red mech armor, orange mech armor, yellow mech armor, green mech armor, blue mech armor, four different weapons and a display stand.

What can be done with this set?

As the builder, you would be able to build any one of the 5 mechs that the set has instructions for, or you could combine different armor pieces to create your own custom mech.

Why would LEGO Mech Builder make a good set?

Children and adults alike, love building mechs, this set would not only give them cool mechs to build, but it would also inspire them to make their own mechs either with the included pieces, or with their own collection.

A bit about the mech frame:

LEGO Mech Builder includes a sturdy and posable frame so that you can pose it however you want. It consists of 68 pieces. The frame has 18 points of articulation (not including the fingers) and has studs all over it to allow you to attach armor anywhere you wish.

A bit about the red mech:

The red mech consists of 90 pieces (on top of the 68 for the frame). It uses fairly simple pieces that give it a pretty sleek look.

A bit about the orange mech:

Although built on the same frame as the others, the orange mech is by far the biggest of the included mechs. It consists of 105 pieces (on top of the 68 for the frame). The orange mech is very different because it uses a lot of big pieces that give it a very chunky look.

A bit about the yellow mech:

The yellow mech consists of 60 pieces (on top of the 68 for the frame). It uses a lot of sharp angles to give it a more robotic look.

A bit about the green mech:

The green mech consists of 57 pieces (on top of the 68 for the frame). Its sand green and pearl gold color scheme gives it a very majestic look.

A bit about the blue mech:

The blue mech consists of 73 pieces ( on top of the 68 for the frame). It uses very vibrant colors to give it a more unique look.

A bit about weapons:

LEGO Mech Builder includes 4 different weapons. A sword (wielded by the green mech) consisting of 8 pieces, a gun (wielded by the red mech)  consisting of 28 pieces, a ray blaster (wielded by the blue mech) consisting of 30 pieces and two saws (wielded by the yellow mech) consisting of 4 pieces each.

A bit about customizability:

As you can see, I've included 4 examples of custom mech. One is a combination of the green mech and red mech, one is a combination of the blue mech and yellow mech, one is a combination of the orange mech and green mech and the last is a combination of all 5 mechs just to give you a taste of how wacky things can get.

That's all I really have to say about this set. If you would like to see this become a real set, please consider supporting and sharing, it would be greatly appreciated.



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