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Battle For Dream Island - Firey

Battle For Dream Island was made by Chinese twin brothers Cary Kaiming Huang and Michael Yiming Huang, traditionally known as 凱明 and 黃一鳴. It originally started as a series of comics, but eventually became an internet show sensation, which has amassed over nine hundred and thirty-two million [932M] views, and their channel is in the top 481 most viewed American content in the film category.

This set would be delightful for both kids, adults, and people of all ages regardless of context knowledge, and for the near-billion people the show has reached.
This set could be used as a great set-piece or for playing, and was specifically designed to be fun to build. It would be a great LEGO set because of its complex yet compact design, increasingly broad appeal, and its simple charming fun.
I built this because I'm personally a fan of Battle For Dream Island and its Firey character.
932M views based on basic computerised addition of view counts across multiple different BFDI social platforms
481 most viewed based on SocialBlade

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