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Please support my idea for LEGO B.C.

Other set ideas:

Sabertooth Hunt $11.99
Minifigures: Tribal Hunters(x2)
Features: Icy cliff with a sabertooth tiger overlooking two tribal hunters.

Mammoth Attack $39.99
Minifigures: 3 person family(Mother, Father(hunter), and child) (x3)
Features: A Wooly Mammoth attacks a small, three teepee tribe

T-Rex Travels $24.99
Minifigures: None.
Features: Pictures below.

Cave House $16.99
Minifigures: Cavewoman, and skeleton.
Features: Pictures below.

The Invention of the Wheel

The Discovery of Fire (cooldynamyte)

Please support and make this real!

Support Milestones-
10 supporters- 3.6.12- Thanks to Juju99_Dad!
20 supporters- 5.9.12- Thanks to mbricks!

I added the mantle above the fireplace as a funny detail. She's not a canniball, by the way XD

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