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Lego Pieces Made of Lego Pieces (GIANT BRICKS)


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Do you think there is LEGO made of LEGO? Well here is the answer:

I made giant LEGO pieces which by the way, were the result of some inspiration from other creations I saw, but then I decided to build more "classic" or maybe "common" LEGO pieces that can come in a regular set.

I built this because I really wanted to challenge myself and I really wanted to see what a giant LEGO brick made of other LEGO bricks looks like, And also because of the reason that the pieces can be put together;  I wish people could not only build with regular Lego pieces, but they could also literally build big things with big Lego pieces.

I hope other people like the final product of this project, and I hope you enjoy what a LEGO made with LEGO looks like.

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