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Home Hardware Store


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Another day and another hardware store design from me, another reboot of the Home Hardware concept.

Similar to the big box store design, but here I have changed some thing important I've added stickers.

Inside we can see two self-serve checkouts, a female door greeter, dump bins out the front and inside warehouse style shelving.

There are six different items sticker on 1x2 tiles, trap washer kits, tap repair kits, shower repair kits, tee hinges, hasp & staples, then finally padbolts.

This is an experiment in seeing if non-branded stickered tiles representing packaged items can work in the Lego world.

This set idea contains also two handy/trades people as well as the female door greeter and is built on two 16x16 stud plates. Though a 16x16 and 6x16 for the front of the design can work as well.

Three paint rollers and three hand saws are included, as well as brick-built toilet seats.

If you like this design or the idea of a hardware store in Lego City please support and follow, thanks for reading and Brick On everyone ! 


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