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Hot Air Balloon Cruise

What better way to view the countryside than with a relaxing cruise in a hot air balloon? And wherever the wind takes you, the rugged chase vehicle is sure to follow.

-Includes hot air balloon, chase truck and two minifigures
-Chase vehicle modeled after Toyota FJ Cruiser
-388 pieces

You don't really see many hot air balloons done in Lego, except for a couple of old Adventurers sets. I'd love to be able to offer different colors and patterns for the balloon - I experimented but the red/white/blue was the most appealing, given the slim color choices for some of the parts. I know the balloon is a little too small to be realistic, but any bigger and I'm afraid it'd be too awkward to handle and this set is really meant for play. I included the chase truck because every hot air balloon needs one, and because I always enjoy getting an extra vehicle. The balloon's basket can fit 3 or 4 minifigs, the truck can hold 2. Enjoy!

A view from the gondola...and who'd have thought Conan O'Brien enjoyed ballooning?

Chase truck w/ opening rear hatch and spare tire

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