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The Conquest of the Outpost

And here is a small representation of a battle of the Middle Ages, for the conquest of an outpost.

This set consisting of just over 2000 pieces, includes the two towers the surrounding landscape and 13 Minifigures, 7 infantrymen and 6 knights (with their swords, shields, horses and many other things).

Each character can rotate on himself through a small brick placed under his foot.
Change everyone's place to make the battle even more interesting.

Inside the two towers of the outpost, there are three flights of stairs that lead to the guard post at the top of each tower, connected by a bridge.

Who will win this fantastic fight? The knights of the king or the soldiers of the fortress?

If you like this set and you would like to see it inside your house, help me with your support!
Thanks a lot to everyone!

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