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Bank of America Corporate Center

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Bank of America Corporate Center has become a landmark for the city and Bank of America as a whole. It was designed by famous architect Cesar Pelli. The 871- foot tower features an abstract crown at the spire, representing Charlotte's moniker of "The Queen City". A unique feature of the crown is its ability to light up in different colors. Opened in 1992, the tower continues to rank among the 100 tallest buildings in the United States.

This model is a smaller representation of the tower. It's based off of an original design model, as well as numerous exterior images. At over 1400 pieces, this is a large and somewhat complicated build. Multiple large plates are used to make up the exterior with colors attempting to match those of the actual tower. The interior is defined by a complicated support structure to keep all the plates together.

Fans of skyscrapers, architecture, and more will appreciate the attention to detail and the sheer size of this tower. It can fit comfortably alongside multiple Architecture and Icons sets.

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