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The Truman Show: Raised Under A Dome

"Truman, calm down and I'll make you this new CoCo drink made from all natural ingredients!"
"Who are you talking to?!  What does that have to do with ANYTHING?!"

Since it first came out, the Truman Show was and remains one of the most popular Jim Carrey films, or conspiracy movies in general. I love it, and may or may not have had a brief existential crisis after watching it.

My product idea has 249 pieces: the main model, and two minifigures.

The model is a micro scale model of the island and the dome around it.
- The dome can swing open to reveal a detailed representation of the island, complete with buildings, roundabout, bridge, college, and boathouse.
- Inside the dome is a sunny sky complete with sun and clouds

The minifigures include:
- Truman Burbank with briefcase
- The Truman Show Director with camera.

I believe this would make a great display model for a desk or table, and where you can find or point out your favorite scenes.