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Working Snail Race – Fully Playable !!


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Working Snail Race – Fully Playable !!

Who has never dreamed of making a snail race...

Story :

Welcome to a far away country, where one day in the year, it is the day of the snail race. All the inhabitants gather to support their team, the blue or the orange one. Afterwards, they celebrate the victory with the winning team on the podium. The snail race championship is held as follows: whoever reaches the finish line the fastest wins the race, but to win the championship you have to win 3 races.

Mechanism :

To move your snail forward, turn the crank as fast as you can to win and lift the cup. The snails advance thanks to gears that turn chains.

Watch the video to better see how it works :

In relation to the project:

Number of pieces : about 2000 pieces.
Size : 50cm long, 24cm wide and 24cm high with the finish line.
- There is a crank on each side that allows you to move your snail forward, in blue or orange color.
- To win a snail racing championship game, you must win three races.
- There is a point counter for each team. - There is a podium with the cup to celebrate your victory with your supporters!

If this project gets 10000 votes, it can become a real LEGO set, so 3, 2, 1 go! Vote for this project by clicking on "Support" and put a comment!

Who doesn't dream of being able to make snail races with friends and family...

Thanks a lot


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