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Barn Find Cars

Barn find cars are the kind of cars you can find almost abandoned in a farm, waiting to be restored. I think it's a very interesting concept. You can see a brand-new car, and it's just a car, but a barn find car makes you wonder about its story, how it ended up getting rusty in a farm, and how it will look like after being restored.

I created this diorama to display this kind of cars. It's a diorama of a countryside scene with a road, a fence, a tree, a windmill and a lot of crates, wheels and spare parts scattered around the land. I used realistic colors like dark tan, dark orange or green olive, but I also used bright red or yellow for the cars, or bright green for the grass. I think it creates a good contrast and makes the build very colorful.

I included three different cars: An old red tow truck, a rusty muscle car and a classic convertible.
In the yard, you can find different pieces to modify and restore these vehicles. The muscle car has two different front parts, one with front lights and a rusty grille, and the other one with the radiators exposed. The yellow convertible is more customizable, you can build a barn find version with rust and different colors, a brand new yellow version and a hot rod version (my favourite one is the full yellow hot rod). The tow truck is an old build I made back in 2019, but I think it was perfect for this diorama.

Thank you!

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