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LEGO Insects Project


More insects!

I would like to update this project page with more ideas of insects.


Stag Beetle

This design is based on Japanese Miyama Stag Beetle. Its brown and long stags are very strong and it won't release enemies. Arch parts are the exactly the same shape as the real stag of this insect.

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Rosalia Batesi

Its beautiful and unrealistic body always attracts many people. LEGO®︎'s medium azure color is little hard to collect many kinds of parts. You can get more and more new elements from this set if this idea becomes in real!

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Bung Beetle

If you have red "Sauvenirs Entomologiques" written by Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre, Dung beetle is one of the most memorable insect in the book. You can also learn how to make sphere with bricks.

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My idea is that LEGO®︎ can choose some insects from them, depends on budget of the set.

What is your favorite insects so far?




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