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Floating Sea Otter

Otters are awesome! That’s a fact.
Not only do they have the most adorable appearance (scientifically speaking), but they’re also a keystone species, meaning they have a disproportionally large impact on their natural environment.

But enough about science and biology, let’s talk LEGO.
This build of a floating sea otter consists of several movable parts including the front and back paws with toes, the head and the mouth which gives you full control over the appearance of the otter - making each display set individual.
With the otter being embedded in water, it gives both the illusion of depth but also showcases the otters’ natural habitat.
And as mentioned above, the otter plays a significant factor maintaining and even nurturing kelp forests as well as affecting rocky ecosystems, so it was important to me to implement those aspects into my build as well.
Getting this set to the finish line would not only mean you could look at this adorable little otter face everyday, but also spread awareness to the otter still being an endangered species.

So now… press your paws on the support button and share this set with your friends, family or significant otter.

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