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Luxus Camper With a Slide-out And a Sports Car Garage

Hello LEGO friends

The old motorhome 60057 was for me too boring. So I started to modify it. But that was not enough for me, so I decided to build a completely new motorhome. That's what I did then. It took about 20 hours to build the new motorhome. From the old motorhome 60057 only the alcove is left and a few other parts. The alcove has also the old stickers.


- Minifigures are included 

- Extendable and retractable slide-out (when you open the door you can push the slide-out from the inside out)

- Car garage with sports car (The sports car can be loaded and unloaded through the tailgate. If you open the side flaps, you can push the sports car out.)

- Desk and chairs (are stowed in the front right big side flap)

- Roof is removable

- Alcove is removable (with bed)

- Minifigures fit in their beds

- About 360 stones

If you like the model then please vote for me. Thank you in advance.

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