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Coffee Coaster


Whats better than drinking coffee?
Drinking coffee with lego! (and the idea that your table would never get coffee stains)
Energize each morning with lego figures brining fresh coffee beans, delivered to you from the mountains by the coffee farmer and his trusty lego donkey! 

Spacious & Modular
Never worry about spills again! the coaster's main plate size is 12x12 studs, ensuring easy placement of coffee cups! the modular design also lets you make other drink themes such as space launch pads or the opera! The modular system also means that if you do get a spill, its easy to clean with water - or just place tiles over them!

Universal Compatibility 
This coffee coaster is great to be used with almost all kinds of coffee mugs and cups, from styrofoam cups to ceramic cups to glass cups - However, legend says it is best used with the lego coffee cup (which I unfortunately do not own).

*Coffee Mug not included.

Set Includes:

  1. Attachable Diorama landscape
  2. Coffee Farmer and Donkey
  3. Coffee Coaster - 12x12 stud plate 

This set is primarily targeted to coffee loving adults!

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