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Advanced Research and Development (ARAD): Robotics Lab

This set sort of built itself, I was just fiddling around with some small parts and designed a robot and then thought about what could be done with it if it was real. It's obviously a bit more advanced than the robots that currently exist, but that's part of the fun.

I can easily see this set be part of a bigger universe of science (fiction) oriented sets, and maybe I'll think up some in the future. The robot could even become part of some workplace set like a factory, fire department or warehouse. 

The parts contained within this set are:

1: ARAD Robotics Engineer
A happy employee of ARAD and one of the many team members tasked with programming and testing the robot.

2: Research & Operating Station
Basically a big desk with a bunch of screens and buttons used to remotely monitor and control the robot, camera and transport platform. If all goes well the engineer rarely has to leave this station.

3: Atom The Robot
The star of the show is a robot called Atom which can stand on its own and is very posable with 14 points of articulation which are; the Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Waist, Hips, Knees and Ankles. It has a big antenna on its back, some control panels, and you can also swap out the blue light for a red one to visualize 'its mood'.

4: Articulated Camera
Documentation is an essential part of research, so having some advanced high quality camera equipment only makes sense. The camera is mounted on a rotatable base and moving arm.

5: Set of Stairs
Vital to test the robots' coordination for real world application. After all, what good is a robot that can't get up the stairs?

6: Transport Platform
Since the robot is too heavy for minifigures to lift a transport platform is needed. This platform features a movable crane that can pick up and put down the robot. It can also assist Atom when taking its first steps to prevent it from falling.

7: Big Weight
The ultimate testing tool for Atom, intended to see how it would handle itself in tasks with heavy physical loads. The weight can be pushed, dragged lifted and maybe even thrown.

In closing, I hope that people find this a fun idea and are willing to support it, thanks in advance. Regardless of the outcome though, I had a lot of fun building and setting it all up, and I hope you enjoyed taking it all in.

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